Magic Chef Single-Zone Wine Cooler (12 bottle)

Coolers are an awesome means of ensuring that your beverages and wines are stored and served at the right temperature. Wines or beverages served at right temperatures make the dinner experience lovelier. It doesn’t matter whether you are doing red wine or white wine. Investing in by sourcing an ideal and dependable beverage and wine cooler.

In the marketplace, there is a myriad of compact coolers that deliver reliable performance. You can be sure that there is always one that meets your needs.

The Magic Chef Wine Cooler is one that chills your drink to the best serving temperature depending on the type of drink. It comes in different capacities from the 6 bottle single zone cooler, the 12- bottle single zone cooler, the 28 bottle single zone cooler and finally the largest which is the 50-bottle cooler.

How Magic Chef Wine Cooler Started

The Magic Chef Wine Cooler have been operational for over 85 years, starting off as a small tin shop in St Louis Missouri. It introduced its first cooler device in 1914.

The Magic Chef Wine Cooler Company was however founded in 1992 based in Wood Dale, Illinois. The Magic Chef wine coolers offer convenience in chilling bottled drinks in a stylish manner. These Coolers are compact, durable, properly ventilated and insulated complete with a sophisticated appearance. The interior is well lit as an added aesthetic.

Magic Chef Wine Coolers are easy to use home appliances with easily accessible customer service and support. These coolers are designed for short term storage of mostly up to a year. The coolers have electric controls that are used to pre-set the temperature to what is required. They are also priced conveniently to suit your needs without having to chunk out a large sum.

Magic Chef Wine Cooler 12- Bottle Single-Zone

Magic Chef  Wine Cooler 12- Bottle Single-Zone

Magic Chef 12-Bottle Single-Zone Wine cooler is the most suitable choice if you are looking for a basic and compact storage for your wines and beverages that has to fit in a small space such as a counter-top or beneath the counter while having the capability of holding enough wine. 12 bottles of wine is a decent number.

This wine fridge measures 14.2 inches wide by 19 inches tall by 20.1 inches deep. This pocket friendly version of the Magic Chef will take up just a little space of your home or office, much to your convenience. It features a black door, a black cabinet with sculpted chrome sleeves that can be removed or attached. From its compact design, it will look appealing anywhere, be it on your kitchen counter-top or your small office space.

The Magic Chef 12-Bottle wine cooler is a single-zone cooler, meaning it can only chill one type of wine at any given time. It uses the thermoelectric cooling system that is considerably quiet, free of vibrations and ensures energy efficiency. This accomplishes temperature ranges of between 54 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit making it suitable for storage of both white wine and red wine, chilling them to their ideal serving temperatures. Temperature adjustment is quite easy on this device with the digital control that it comes with.

The digital control panel has an LED display and incorporates a switch that turn the lights on and off in case you need to view your collection and flex it to your friends.

Adding to its overall appeal is the one-year warranty being offered.

The Pros


This unit boasts of user-friendly controls, making it easy to run and program. One just has to use the ‘plus’ or ‘minus’ buttons to increase or reduce temperature till the screen displays the intended temperature.

Energy Efficiency

Thermal electric coolers such as this one ensure that the right chilling temperatures are achieved with efficient energy. And, when the chilling temperature is set right, you will get the perfect serving taste. Vibrations are minimized to avoid wine sedimentation or bubble formation. To top that all off, the absence of the refrigerant makes this device eco- friendly.

Interior Lights

This device is topped up with interior lights that add more appeal to your collection. It makes the wine display more aesthetically pleasing especially at night.


The Magic Chef 12-Bottle Wine Cooler is compact and can be easily moved from one place to another. It can be put anywhere as it only requires a small space.


The sleek design of this unit complements the aesthetics of your kitchen or whichever space you install it. The wine fridge has 3 chrome shelves sculpted in a way to fit the bottles perfectly. As it is made of chrome, its durable design marks a longer life span for this unit.


This unit only fits standard-sized bottles. Drinks in sculpted or customized bottles may not fit into the trays. But the racks can be detached to make space for a bigger bottle.

It also lacks the safety lock mechanism. We would rate the wine fridge higher if the door incorporated more security features to keep off intruders and children away from your wine collection. Although, the chiller is compact enough to be placed on counters off of children’s reach.

Some clients also feel that 54 degrees Fahrenheit is too high for a minimum. The fact that it is also a single-zone wine chiller can be a turn off since it will take such a long time to reach its lowest temperature. However, you always have an option of buying the dual zone


This Magic Chef unit can be found in all major retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot or Walmart. You could also get them on sites such as Wine Cooler Direct where you will have a variety to choose from. The 12-Bottle wine chiller sells at approximately $120 when in stock.

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