Nutrichef 15 Bottle Refrigerator

Do you find yourself struggling to fit your wine bottles in between your groceries trying to make more space in the fridge? Or maybe you are an enthusiast who wants to add to your wines collection.

We all know that wines are sensitive to light, humidity and temperature. They need to be stored in a temperature lower than the room temperature. Red wines should be stored between 50 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit while white wines should be stored between 42-50 degrees Fahrenheit. And, since you probably don’t have that dry wine cellar for this, it is essential to invest in a good wine chiller.

It is also advisable to buy a bigger wine chiller than your collection so that you can have more space for your vintage pieces and perfectly chilled for you and the guests to enjoy.

What’s Available in the Marketplace

In the marketplace, you will find that there are many wine fridges and they don’t come cheap. They may all look similar but there are those that really stand out. Plus, you would want to be certain that you get value for your money.

So, you can look into all the aspects of the wine chiller such as design, warranty , size of the wine fridge and whether it is dual zone or single zone.

Let’s try to see if this one cooler that we will be featuring in this article can meet your wines storage needs.

The Nutrichef electric 15 Bottle Refrigerator is one genuine product from Nutrichef Kitchen, LLC that retails alongside other home appliances. It is the premium perfect solution for your kitchen or wet bar posing as an elegant device with wine bottle holding features you would expect from high-end commercial wine fridges.

You will not mind about your open bottles as you have an extra rack beneath to hold them upright. This chiller comes in a variety of three, one is the Nutrichef 15 Bottle Refrigerator while the other two are the Nutrichef electric wine cooler PKCWC150 and the Nutrichef electric wine cooler PKCWC15.

Nutrichef Electric Wine Cooler PKCWC150 / Electric Wine Cooler PKCWC15

This unit of wine chillers is one of a kind. You will find that this standalone countertop wine fridge comes as 13.6 Inches wide, 27.2 inches high and 17.17 inches deep with a chrome allure topped with a stainless steel metallic polish which ensures that your kitchen aesthetics remain stylish and longer life span. It fits well enough in a small space while delivering quality service. This unit has the capacity of holding 15 Bottles of wine and the bottles fit just well enough. It also comes with 5 chrome shelves that can be rearranged to fit bigger bottles.

This compact and florid appliance will sure add life to your wine collection equipped to hold your wine bottles with an integrated fan, interior lighting and a grill for ventilation. It comes in a compact design which is housed by a reinforced glass door that ensures your wine is stored air-tight. It boasts of a capacity of 50 litres.

The unit uses compressor cooling mechanism making it precise to maintain a constant temperatures for your wine collection. The compressor cooling system is also rather quiet and it may be seen to reach lower temperatures faster in comparison to other available chillers.

It also comes with a digital touch button control system whereby you can toggle between degrees/ Fahrenheit (°C/ °F) with a temperature range of between  41-68 ° Fahrenheit (5-18 °C) making it perfect for chilling both red and white wines although it is a single zone wine fridge meaning it can only chill one type at a time. It interior of the wine fridge is lit by LED’s that automatically turns off after 10 minutes when no touch is sensed.

Pros of the Nutrichef 15 Bottle Refrigerator

Sleek design

This unit comes in a stylish design ensuring that it blends in to the surrounding appeal. Topped with the interior lighting, that will light up your room décor. Be sure that your wine fridge will catch the attention of your guests as it chills your drinks.


All Nutrichef appliances come with an inclusive 1- year warranty backed up with awesome Customer service with reliable service reps.

Noise Reduction

It utilizes the in-built compressor cooling mechanism that ensures that the noise level is not disturbing. This innovative piece barricades the possibility of radiation which may be detrimental to wine by causing bubble or sedimentation. The thermal electric cooler keeps your wines crispy and tasty.

Child Lock

The unit comes with a child safety auto-lock feature that locks the wine fridge after 20 seconds of last button touch to ensure that the children do not interfere with the pre-set temperatures.

User- Friendliness

The controls of this unit are quite easy to use especially because it is a digital set with soft-touch control on its door that offers one the option of either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit where one can adjust the temperature at will.

Quick Operation

The wine fridge can be installed easily and temperatures set as desired on the touch pad. Most clients have appreciated the fact that the unit reaches the lowest temperature levels faster than other wine coolers.

Removable racks

The racks on this unit are chrome plated for durability and can also be removed and re-arranged in a vertical or horizontal manner to accommodate more bottles and bigger champagne bottles.

Customer support

This unit is delivered fast enough by the Nutrichef Service Reps followed by easy setup instructions. You can always contact the Nutrichef’s Customer Service department in case of any hitches.

Cons of the Nutrichef 15 Bottle Refrigerator

Single Zone

This chiller can only cool one wine type at a time, but it is efficient since it reaches minimum temperature quickly. However there is a larger capacity Nutrichef 18- Bottle Dual Zone wine cooler.

Faulty pieces

There have been several complains from clients of receiving faulty equipment that fails after a while, be sure to keep in contact with the Nutrichef Service rep in case of such anomalies


This unit can be found retailing on all major outlets such as Amazon and on the Nutrichef website where Nutrichef 15 Bottle wine cooler sells at approximately $390, the Nutrichef Electric Wine Cooler PKCWC150 and the Nutrichef Wine cooler PKCWC15 selling at $230 and $260 respectively. It is also available on Walmart with a variety of models .This unit is unfortunately unavailable for Californians.

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